Fashion: Menswear Fall Trend Report, Part One

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A model takes to the catwalk with a more easygoing look during this year’s Fashion Week.

With New York Fashion Week recently coming to a close, here's what all fashion forward men need to know: Designers are all about looking good, but not looking as if you "tried to hard" to do so.

This is a great thing for menswear looks because it creates more of an effortless style approach to dressing.

Timo Weiland provided a new take on the plaid shirt. Most men have quite a few in various colors in their closet but the way this one is styled for the model not only offers a new way to wear it; buttoned all the way to the top and one side tucked, but also given the color combination paired back to simple black pants, a classic black turtleneck underneath, black boots and a sleek black beanie, its the perfect everyday style.

Along the same lines of easy dressing, street style and cool factor looks, Lacoste did a perfect job of making darker colors pop. The inclusion of a matching hybrid and futuristic backpack pulls the entire look together offering a bit of edgy-ness to usher men along the course of an urban winter.

Are you the guy who just likes to wear all black or hoping the black and white trend will extend into next Fall? Well, EN|NOIR definitely had all black covered. Take a look at a few pieces from their all black collection. And Lacoste is certainly keeping the Black/White trend moving forward with a stylish sweater that encourages embracing new graphic prints.

Look for Part Two of our New York Fashion Week menswear report tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can check out new images from Fashion Week below:


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