A Chat With Vikings’ New Star Alexander Ludwig


Alexander Ludwig is the newest member of the hit show "Vikings" on History (Season 2 begins February 27th), but he's no stranger to acting – the Vancouver native appeared in "The Hunger Games" as well as a number of other big-screen flicks, and will now play Bjorn, the intelligent and bold warrior son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Now living in Santa Monica, California, Ludwig gave CraveOnline readers a glimpse into his busy life, how he has bonded with the fellow "Vikings'" Canadian cast members, and what he loves to do when he's not on a set.

CraveOnline: Tell us about your work on "Vikings."

Alexander Ludwig: It’s an incredible experience. It’s the best decision I ever made in my career so far. Getting to work everyday on such an exceptional show has been a great learning experience.

There are quite a few Canadians who work on the set – is there comradery?

Everyone is so welcoming, but of course there’s a certain pride that goes there. You do feel a safety net when you’re around each other.

What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

August 26th my movie “When the Game Stands Tall” (with Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis and Laura Dern) comes out – it’s a football movie filmed in New Orleans, and it’s about a high school football team with the biggest winning streak, and the movie starts off the first game they lose, and it’s about them trying to make their way back to the top. I’m very excited about that.

Then there’s “Final Girl” (with Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley) – it’s an independent film hitting festivals shortly.

And I’m hopefully going back to Ireland to film “Vikings."

You’ve always worked in front of the camera – any desires to try working behind it?

I’ve always wanted to. It’s very early in my career but I would love to do something down the line. Right now I’m writing and producing my own movie and working on it with my producing partner – it’s been going tremendously well.

Who is someone in the biz that you look up to?

People who’s career I truly love, like Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ve met Leo before and he’s well-spoken and kind and I really love what he’s done in his career. He’s definitely someone I look up to and would love to work with.

I’ve worked with Peter Berg (“Lone Survivor”) and he is such a talent in his own right.

I want to continue working with great actors and directors. I’ve always believed you should surround yourself with people who are better than you and then you have a future.

When you’re not working what do you do for fun?

If I’m in LA I’m surfing, and when I’m in Canada (I’m going to Vancouver tonight) then I’m skiing. I grew up doing competitive freestyle skiing.

Where are you currently living? Ever make your way back to Vancouver?

I’m living in Santa Monica – I’ve lived there off and on for two years but it hasn’t really become a home yet because I’ve been traveling so much.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I like to write music on the side. It’s one of my hobbies.

Photo: Vikings/History