Is CBS Sports Gay Bashing Michael Sam?

Maybe Michael Sam’s teammates at Mizzou are okay with his sexual orientation, but CBS apparently isn’t. According to a report Tuesday on Crave’s NESN, Sam dropped from 90 to 160 in the latest CBS 2014 NFL Draft rankings.

Of course, they said it had nothing to do with his public statement that he was homosexual, but instead was part of “a comprehensive adjustment in the rankings leading up to next week’s Scouting Combine that generated movement among hundreds of prospects.”

According to CBS draft writer Rob Rang, there are plenty of “real” reasons Sam should suddenly drop 70 slots.  Namely, he might be too small to play as a defensive end in the NFL and didn’t look good while playing as a linebacker in the Senior Bowl.

That should clear everything up for you. Though we recommend Sam shouldn’t read Twitter or anything else NFL writers are saying right now (looking at you, Peter King).