Sochi Olympics 2014 VIDEO: Top 5 ‘Can’t Miss’

With Sochi officially just days away, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with the schedule of events. What do you watch? When do you watch it? Should you worry about finding a girlfriend when you still live in your parent's basement? It's madness.

Just keep it simple. This is the Top 5 'Can't Miss' list when it comes to the news and events coming out of the Sochi games. Keep an eye on:

  1. Safety — Is terrorism a real threat in Sochi even though Russia is deploying an estimated 50,000 police and security guards at the games? Any type of Black Widow would scare the S**t out of me.
  2. Hockey — Not only is the NHL possibly reconsidering sending their athletes, which would be devastating to the games, but when the teams do take the ice the pressure will be on Russia to medal at home and for Canada to repeat gold.
  3. Shaun White — Our 'golden boy' is expected to work his wonders on the vert and slopestyle. Expect him to be absolutely sick.
  4. The Biathlon — Skiing and shooting combined? Um, this has to be the most badass sport no one talks about.
  5. Ashley Wager — do yourself a favor and look up this cutie pie. Oh ya, she has a great shot at medaling in the figure skating competition as well.

You can go to to see the full schedule of televised events.

If you're actually going to the games in Sochi, CraveOnline concierge Nash Herrington has some words of wisdom in the video above as well.

God speed.

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