Andy Samberg on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Super Bowl Episode & Golden Globe Win

Andy Samberg 2

Andy Samberg made a triumphant return to the Television Critics Association. The panel for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was well attended last summer, but nothing like the swarm of reporters who gaggled around him the day after he’d won the Golden Globe.

The cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returned to promote their Super Bowl episode, and Samberg’s group, Lonely Island has also signed a deal to develop comedy projects for digital platforms that could lead to network or cable series. I broke through the horde to ask Samberg about things, and he gave me a personal high five when I asked about Get in the Cage with Nicolas Cage.

CraveOnline: How was your night last night?

Andy Samberg: It was very good. I got hammered.

Certainly, there wasn’t this much attention on you when you launched “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” so can you already notice what a big deal it is to win a Golden Globe?

Yes, I have about 250 e-mails and texts from every person I’ve ever met in my life. It’s pretty awesome. 

Did you get to keep the Globe or do they take it?

I took it home. It’s sitting on my coffee table. I think every time I get up to go to the bathroom, I feel like it’s watching me. 

What does Peralta do in the Super Bowl episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine?”

Peralta and Santiago are on a case in a hotel. 

Is Peralta interested in the game?

Not in this one. He sure was in that Thanksgiving episode. I love that joke, man, the fight where he’s trying not to see the screen. 

Since you did Get in the Cage with Nicolas Cage on “Saturday Night Live,” Nicolas Cage is now taking a step back and doing more serious work. What do you think of Nicolas Cage moving away from the crazy?

I like anything Nicolas Cage does. He’s the best. He’s one of the most compelling actors of all time. He was a joy when he came to “SNL,” man. He was so nice and so funny. 

He’s still a little crazy in Joe, the David Gordon Green movie.

I haven’t seen it yet but I heard that it’s good. 

They just did a “Community” episode with a Nicolas Cage class.

Oh really? That’s awesome. I love that there’s just such a fascination with that guy. He’s so awesome, man. I’ll watch him in anything. 

To what do you attribute the international appeal of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine?”

I’m not sure. I’m hoping that comedy is universal. I think the show is about the characters and the relationships and I think that’s how comedy translates in my opinion. 

When did the Lonely Island digital deal come about?

We’d been talking about it for a couple months. It was an idea they came to us with. I told Akiva [Schaffer] and Jorma [Taccone], “You know, I’m shooting this show so I’m going to be busy but if you guys are really into this…” They were excited about it. We’ll see how it goes. If someone’s really talented, we can help them spark an idea into reality and maybe help nurture it into something that actually would end up as a web series or an FX show or an FXX show or if it ended up being big enough an idea, a Fox show. 

Do you have any specific projects in mind?

Not yet but we have a bunch of friends that we’re calling now, now that it’s real.

Are they going to be 22 minute episodes, or shorter form?

We’re unsure. I think it could be either. I think the idea for any idea we put together is even if it’s short form, it would be something that had the potential to become a series of some sort, whether that be shooting two short pieces that you then put together to become a pilot or just a web series or something that’s just a full pilot on a low budget. I think it’s going to be very case by case. 

Was “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” the first time you met and worked with Andre Braugher?

Yeah, I’m speaking on his behalf but based on my experience, we liked each other immediately. We both get to do what we’re good at on the show. There’s not a push and pull with any scene. He’s scoring by doing what he’s best at and I’m scoring by doing what I’m best at which is a symbiotic relationship. It’s wonderful. 

Do you find younger people love “Brooklyn Nine-Nine?”

I’ve actually been surprised how young. A lot of people come up to me and they go, “My eight-year-old loves the show” and “My six-year-old loves the show.” 

Do cops come up to you and tell you they like it?

I haven’t bumped into a ton of cops but airport security have stopped me and told me they really liked it. It’s close. It counts. 

Lonely Island has really rippled through culture. This year Michael Bolton did a legit Honda ad. How cool is that for you?

It’s awesome. If we in any way help Michael Bolton in his life, just know that he had returned the favor to us by doing that video with us. 

Is half hour comedy what you expected, or a lot of surprises?

It’s been basically what I expected. I guested on “Parks” once and I’ve hung out on a few different shows like that and I liked the vibe of it, Parks especially. This was very much in the “Parks” model so it’s been great. 

Did you meet any celebrities at the Golden Globes that you’d never met through “SNL” or showbiz?

I got to shake Leonardo DiCaprio’s hand right before I walked on stage to accept my award which was pretty exciting. I’m a big fan of that guy. I met Idris Elba which was incredible. I mean, he’s massive now but just “The Wire” alone, I’m such a huge fan of that guy from “The Wire.”

It’s nice to see you’re still excited by everything. Are you still a fan of things?

Well, yeah. That’s where I feel like a lot of my comedy comes from. A lot of comedians that I know and am friends with, we watch movies and we watch TV and we watch comedy. That’s what we’re into, and music. 

What are the episodes post-Super Bowl coming up?

I know a couple of them, but I don’t think that we’re allowed to say yet.

Do you expect the season to end in a cliffhanger?

I have no idea. 

Shouldn’t it be red wire/blue wire, you cut one and we don’t find out until season two what happens?

It’s like a MacGruber. Yeah, maybe. I’ll pitch that.