REVOLUTION 2.13 ‘Happy Endings’

Revolution 213

Episode Title: "Happy Endings"

Writers: David Rambo and Trey Callaway

Director: Ernest Dickerson

Previously on "Revolution:"

Episode 2.12 "Captain Trips"


This week’s episode of “Revolution” reminds us that even if the world ends, “every rose has its thorn.” And according to Monroe (David Lyons), the only creatures that will survive the apocalypse are cockroaches and Brett Michaels.

The Poison front man and reality TV star’s cameo in this episode was heavily promoted though unfortunately, the warlord mercenary Monroe goes looking for in New Vegas isn’t Brett Michaels, but the beautiful Duncan Paige (Katie Aselton), who like Monroe’s son, Connor, is another unlikely gang leader.

With the Patriots mounting an offensive against Monroe and his (sort of) friends, the former republic leader decides to call on Duncan in hopes of hiring backup. These two clearly have history, as Duncan isn’t happy to see Monroe after the way he left town. Still, the two manage to strike a deal and Monroe agrees to pay Duncan thirty diamonds a head for her mercenaries.

Now comes the problem of coming up with the rocks. With Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Connor (Mat Vairo) along for the mission, Monroe offers to fight for his old boss. While he’s getting his ass kicked by a man twice his size, Charlie and Connor rip off the casino. When his boss is called away to deal with the heist, Monroe, who was apparently throwing the fight, easily defeats his massive opponent. He reunites with Connor, who has the stones but just as the two are leaving town, they’re apprehended by the bossman.

Back in Willoughby, Miles (Billy Burke) takes Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) to a drive-in to see Evil Dead 2. But oh, wait, there’s a blackout so the two have sex, instead. Gene (Stephen Collins), now recovered from the Patriot Plague, drops in on the pair later that night to let them know they have a visitor. As pissed as Gene probably is at Miles for getting down with his daughter, the arrival of Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and son is a much bigger problem. Or it could be exactly what their little anti-Patriot movement needs.

After being separated from Julia, Tom meets with President Davis who orders him to go to Willoughby and kill Monroe or he’ll hurt Julia. Tom makes an argument for taking Jason with him and the two arrive in Willoughby. Tom explains that he and Jason (J.D. Pardo) are looking for revenge against the Patriots for killing Julia in the Atlanta bombing. Miles is suspicious, but Jason swears on his mother’s grave his father is telling the truth. That might be mean something if she were actually dead…

It seems like each episode of late ends with one of the three groups of “Revolutionaries” appearing to be completely screwed, only to be easily saved at the start of the following episode. This week, it’s Monroe and Connor’s turn. At least now we’re only dealing with two factions, as Tom and Jason are reunited with Miles and friends.

As for Aaron (Zak Orth) and Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian), they arrive in Lubbock and are promptly greeted by Peter, who also worked on the nanotech way back when. Nowadays, Peter is unknowingly using the nanotech to perform miracles on the sick and injured of Lubbock and attributing it to God. When Aaron and Priscilla tell him it’s their work and not God’s that’s healing the people, Peter refuses to believe it. And he has good reason not to, as the townsfolk seem to worship him as much as they do the Lord.

Aaron and Priscilla’s trip to Lubbock is more about conflict than answers, it seems. The idea of Peter using the nanotech to fool people into thinking he’s some sort of miracle worker is interesting, but that’s not what’s going on here (unless Peter is lying to Aaron and Priscilla). At the same time, Aaron and Priscilla’s relationship has yet to be addressed; right now they’re just doing whatever the nanotech tells them too.

At least Charlie and Connor don’t waste any time getting to know each other. After getting acquainted while treating the Patriot Plague, the pair has sex and Charlie explains her fatalistic approach to life post-blackout (which mandates having sex with a guy if you’re “bored” and he’s “cute,” even if his dad killed half your family). An angry Monroe wonders why with all the whores in New Vegas, Connor had to sleep with Charlie. He should just be glad Charlie didn’t run off with Brett Michaels.

Hooker and hook-ups aside, this episode gets points for bringing Tom and Jason back into the fold, though we’re still not sure what their angle is. The Connor/Charlie pairing is made as painless as possible, though once they get back to Willoughby, things could get ugly with Jason. If we’re lucky, they’ll be too busy trying to kill each other to worry about who’s sleeping with whom.