Sundance 2014: Boston Red Sox’ David Ortiz Talks Shelter Dog Care

Sundance 2014: David Ortiz Interview

Boston Red Sox phenom David Ortiz has brought eternal happiness to countless Boston baseball fans, leading the beantown boys to three World Series titles in 10 years.  But he's also working hard to make a difference for shelter dogs nationwide. 

By teaming up with Pedigree, David is working to help shine a spotlight on the millions of shelter dogs in need of a forever home as part of the See what good food can do.™ campaign.  They decided to use Sundance Film Festival, one of the greatest congregations of storytellers in the world, to share the stories of shelter dogs and the families they have blessed.

He also grabbed my beard and shook my face… Red Sox fans will understand my happiness… 

Saving the shelter dogs if admittedly more important than my beard moment but i can't help it… it was awesome…

Ignore me, pay attention to the shelter dog part please.