Exclusive: TRON 3 Could Shoot This Year, Bruce Boxleitner Says

Tron picture

The Hallmark Channel held a dinner party for the Television Critics Association and for all of their talent from original movies and series. Bruce Boxleitner stars in Hallmark's “Cedar Cove," so after dinner I approached him for an interview. I went straight to Tron questions and he was game. Boxleitner actually said he’s heard they could be ready to shoot a sequel to TRON: Legacy as soon as the end of 2014.

“All I know is, they don’t tell me anything, but they want to do it I would say probably the end of this year, for 2015 maybe,” Boxleitner said. “They don’t have any dates but I’m thinking from the scuttlebutt I’m hearing that’s it, but I don’t know anything for sure other than they do have a script they love, they’re still tweaking.”

The script is being written by Jesse Wigutow and David DiGilio, since Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are now producing “Once Upon a Time.” Joseph Kosinski is still attached to direct.

If the film takes place more in the real world than “the grid,” as the end of Legacy suggests, Alan Bradley (Boxleitner) will have a bigger part. “That’s what I’m told, but you didn’t hear me say that,” Boxleitner joked. “I think it’s going to be a lot about taking the company back because if you remember Sam Flynn says to Alan at the end, just before he rides his bike off into the sunrise with Quorra, says, ‘We’re going to take the company back.’ That’s not the end of the movie. That’s the beginning of the next one. That’s foreshadowing. And you don’t get Cillian Murphy to do an unscripted cameo.”

As recently as our 2012 interview with Murphy he claimed he only played Edward Dillinger as a cameo, even though a short film on the TRON: Legacy Blu-ray says he is important.

“I got a feeling Eddie Dillinger Jr.’s going to be as bad as his dad was,” Boxleitner said.

We will have more on TRON: Legacy. End of line. 

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