Justice League Dark #26: Blight

Justice League Dark #26


DC is really going for broke with Forever Evil. While the main story rages, the side events are actually shaping up to be just as interesting. Justice League Dark, which has always been a strong series for DC, is ramping up to deliver something great with Blight. Unlike Rogues Rebellion, or Arkham War, this isn’t a mini-series, but rather a storyline that stretches over JLD and the books featuring individual members. It kicked off in JLD #25, and now, with issue #26, the entire Blight feature is ratcheting up.

Blight is essentially the essence of unconscious evil. Eternally stuck in the dark recess of the mind, Blight has been brought to the conscious realm thanks to a slipshod attempt by John Constantine and the remnants of the JLD to find their counterparts who were lost when the Crime Syndicate arrived.  While lost in the unconscious darkness, Constantine reaches out and finds a trace of Deadman, one of the JLD thought lost. Returning to the world of the living through black magic, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Pandora, Nightmare Nurse, and The Phantom Stranger vow to find their lost comrades by following Deadman’s signal.

What follows is a lofty plot, one that takes a close reading. It deals with multiple levels of the ocean, lost worlds in other dimensions, the possession of Sea King (the evil Aquaman) by Deadman, and a betrayal you won’t see coming. Writer J.M. DeMatteis is not treating this like some random side story to Forever Evil. He understands this story stretches over six months and eighteen issues, so he’s all in to make it great. Blight is already an interesting nemesis, simply by his sadistic nature, mysterious background, and really cool outfit. While not everything involved with Forever Evil is a triumph, Justice League Dark’s stand against Blight is shaping up to be a great ride.

Mikel Janin’s art is an excellent example of great comic book art. There are two kinds of good comic book artists, those with a unique style and those who understand how to tell a story through comic book art. Janin’s work is the latter. Solid lines, good eye for detail, especially the pages taking place beneath the sea, and an ease for storytelling. Nothing jumps off the page, but nothing is offensive either.

Justice League Dark continues to create compelling stories by coloring outside the DCU lines. It’s some of the most daring work being done in the New 52.


(4 Story, 3 Art)