The Naughtiest and Nicest Movie Characters of 2013

2013 is a strange year for Santa. While news outlets waste our time (why, hello there Anchorman 2) debating whether Santa Claus is white or not, we’d like to get in on some of these silly Santa debates. For instance, which movie characters from 2013 would the tubby purveyor of mass goods deem naughty, and whom nice?

Well, before we get to the list and check it twice, let’s provide some further analysis. Well, first of all, whittling down five people who were naughty is, well, much harder than findings those who were nice. Make no mistake, in acting, it’s more fun to play bad than it is to play nice. So while Alien, Mr. Epps, Malkina and President Snow were definitely all bad this year, they’ll have to settle for dishonorable mentions (still comes with coal). Who remains? Well, they’d probably roast the coal and then try to snort it.

As for the good, well there was a surprising amount of twelve’s involved in our list (12th grade, 12 years, a building number).  Since it’s safe to assume that Santa enjoys the 12th month we looked to numerology for answers. If that sounds like choosing sides in the “keeping Christ in Christmas” debate, well, bah-humbug. The number 12 is said to possess: “charisma, self reliance and good singing.” Check, check, check. Like Sandra Bullock, Santa and the little savior himself, it all seems to be in the stars.

Let us know any favorites we might have missed and please come back throughout the week for more lists of the bests and worsts from 2013’s film slate.

Brian Formo is a featured contributor on the CraveOnline Film Channel. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrianEmilFormo.