Exclusive: Zoe Bell in Talks for The ExpendaBelles

Zoe Bell Baytown Outlaws

Today we got to speak with Zoe Bell about her new movie Raze, opening January 10. Because of the holidays, we got to bank this one early, so we’ll bring you the full Zoe Bell interview in January but we did ask her if she has been offered one of the rumored female Expendables projects. She confirmed that she’s close, but was clear that nothing is official.

“No, I have not yet [been offered] but we should print that they should,” Bell joked. “I’ve been in and I’ve met. Yes, I’ve had meetings with people but they haven’t got a director attached yet so that’s the next thing. I would obviously love to be involved in it.”

Bell also confirmed the title of the film is a clever pun on Stallone’s action hero all star movies. “They’ve got Expendables and then The ExpendaBelles which is a cute little play on words there. So it’s the ExpendaBelles gang that I have been and met with. Listen, I’d take either.”

ExpendaBelles is such a great title, we hope Stallone lets them use it. It shouldn’t be a problem since Belles is also a Millennium Films production, the company that produces Stallone’s movies.

“I mean, that’s the working title,” Bell said. “That’s what it reads on IMDB. He’s on board. They’re all the same gang doing it. It’s sort of a spinoff.”

Milla Jovovich, Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and even Meryl Streep have also been rumored for the female action ensemble. 

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