The 8 Most Underrated Films of 2013 – A Second Opinion


Critics love to argue. It's one of the great truths of our job. We love to prove to other critics that certain films that are loved should be rejected, more, more commonly, that films that are obscure, perhaps hated, or utterly forgotten, should instead be adored. We have to be honest about our opinions (it's the unbreakable Critic's Prime Directive), and occasionally, well, our opinions skew to the unpopular. We critics  all have obscure classics in our pockets that we like to whip out during casual conversations, declaring to the high heavens that these unknown or underappreciated films are not only worthwhile, but modern classics.

Only one of the films on this list is an underrated classic. The rest, however, were dismissed or forgotten by most mainstream audiences, and, well, they really deserved more attention, acclaim, or just consideration than some of their better-publicized peers. It's these films that actually require the most critical strong-arming, the most support. The best and worst will find (or lose) their audiences through dint of their popularity. These eight films require active defense.

Here, then, are eight underrated movies from 2013. See them all immediately.

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