Watch The Extended Trailer For ‘Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor’

Silence will fall.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) may have survived his greatest adventure in “The Day of The Doctor,” but he won’t be getting out of his next battle unscathed. Smith’s final appearance in “Doctor Who” is coming in this year’s Christmas special, “The Time of The Doctor.”
As far back as the sixth season, the Doctor was warned about the fields of Trenzalore and the Fall of the Eleventh. In “The Time of The Doctor,” the Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) find themselves on Trenzalore as a mysterious signal has attracted the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Silence and even the Weeping Angels. Against that combined threat, not even the Doctor can survive.
We’ve seen the future. Or rather, a version of the future in which the Doctor died on Trenzalore and the TARDIS was transformed into his tomb. But can the Doctor change his fate? Considering that we’ve already seen Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor in “The Day of The Doctor,” I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that the Doctor will survive. The question is how.
With the Christmas special airing worldwide a week from today, BBC America has released a new extended trailer for “The Time of The Doctor” as the Doctor meets Clara’s family and faces a potential new Time War.




“Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor” will premiere on December 25 on BBC America.