The 10 Best Superhero Comics of 2013


numbers_set_06SWAMP THING

Swamp Thing #25


Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Jesus Saiz

IANN ROBINSON: While I’ve had problems with the lack of variation in storylines, the writing and pursuit of excellence in Swamp Thing has kept me hooked. Charles Soule took over the book from Scott Snyder, and has slowly grown it into his own thing. The Green, the natural element that gives Swamp Thing his powers, is much more complex. Soule has turned it into a political party, one with backbiting, lying, and deception. Expanding The Green adds a depth to Swamp Thing, one built on the strong foundation of Alan Moore’s work. Jesus Saiz’s work is excellent, and captures the power of this natural world is a very visceral way.



Superior Foes of Spider-Man


Writer: Nick Spencer. Artist: Steve Lieber

ANDY HUNSAKER:  Nick Spencer will be hitting the big time next year when he starts writing Avengers World alongside Jonathan Hickman, but we hope that doesn't mean he'll stop writing this highly entertaining book about small-time crooks within that Avengers World. If you'd told anybody seven months ago that a series starring Boomerang of all people would be this good, nobody would've believed you, but here it is. The low-rent version of the Sinister Six that Superior Spider-Man beat-down in his first outing didn't just end – it became an even more dysfunctional villain team led by a guy who couldn't wait to stab them in the back. Fred Myers is a manipulative prick,  but he does it with such a straightforward 'we both know I'm bullshitting you, but we both know you're going to let me get away with it anyway' style that it's just fun to watch. Also, arguing with the new Beetle, Overdrive, Shocker and Speed Demon about why the Sinister Six doesn't actually need six people in it is the kind of dopey, broken bickering I've missed since Secret Six was taken away from us. Lieber's artwork definitely evokes the cool David Aja style that's all the rage right now, but there's a reason it's all the rage – it's great. You read this book, you'll come away with a smile.