Week 15 Fantasy Football Love-Hate

Like many of you out there, I have advanced in my league's playoffs and will be playing for a shot at the crown this week. With so much work on the line, I am doing what anyone in my position would do and am stressing out over my lineup.

Thankfully, the majority of my squad are pretty obvious choices. However, there is one spot I am struggling with — my second running back. You see, I am faced with the choice of three solid backs to start in this most important game to go alongside Jamaal Charles. They are Ray Rice, Andre Brown and Montee Ball. All three have the potential to contribute and all three have the chance to break my heart (and my championship chances).

So, who will I choose?

For those interested, the answer can be found by reading on. For those not interested and just want to see my "Love-Hate", well, read on also and keep my dilemma far from your thoughts (but be prepared to see the answer anyway).


James LeBeau is an avid fantasy sports participant and a sports contributor for CraveOnline Sports. You can follow him on twitter @LoboISbroke or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Getty


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