Forbes: Adam Sandler is Hollywood’s Least Valuable Star

Grown Up 2 Adam Sandler

Not content to show us who the richest people in the world are every year, Forbes Magazine did some calculations and found out which actors are the most overpaid for the money they bring in from moviegoers.

According to the list posted on Crave's /Film, Adam Sandler is the worst value, bringing in $3.40 for each dollar he was paid, as opposed to Natalie Portman, who brings in $42.70 for each dollar she is paid. 

Check out Forbes list of worst values in Hollywood, then let us know what you think over on Crave's Facebook.

numbers_set_01 Adam Sandler ($3.40)

numbers_set_02 Katherine Heigl ($3.50)

numbers_set_03 Reese Witherspoon ($3.90)

numbers_set_04 Nicolas Cage ($6.00)

numbers_set_05 Kevin James ($6.10)

numbers_set_06 Denzel Washington ($8.30)

numbers_set_07 Steve Carell ($10.00)

numbers_set_08 Jennifer Aniston ($10.60)

numbers_set_09 Matt Damon ($10.60)

numbers_set_10 Ryan Reynolds ($10.70)