Will Ferrell Gets Animated in Anchorman 2 Game

Anchorman 2 Will Ferrell Scotchy Scoth Toss

If you love Anchorman, if you love iPhones, if you love putting ice in other people's drinks, then there's a halfway decent chance that you'll want to know a little bit more about Scotchy Scotch Toss, the new iPhone game tie-in to Anchorman 2.

In Scotchy Scotch Toss, you toss ice into Ron Burgundy's glass while he yells discouraging, dumb things at you. Like "Fart noise!" and "You have the motor skills of a very stupid baby!" and "Wow! Are you good at anything? I ask out of concern, really…" 

It sounds a lot like a Ron Burgundy unpaid intern simulator, and it comes complete with over 300 new one-liners recorded by Ron Burgundy himself, Will Ferrell. See?

Pro Tip: You can also get points by throwing ice in Baxter's mouth.
​Sometimes he even lobs the ice back into Ron's glass!

Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss is now available on iTunesAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues is coming to a theater near you (unless you live very, very far away from a movie theater) on December 18, 2013.