Exclusive ‘Strike Back: Origins’ Episode 6 Preview Scene

Strike Back Origins Episode 6 Preview Scene

The story of John Porter (Richard Armitage) is coming to a close.
Last week on “Strike Back: Origins,” Porter was sent into Afghanistan to retrieve Gerald Baxter (Ewen Bremner), a former defense contractor who found a way to redirect air strikes against allied forces. Porter also found himself on the run from the US military, which was ready to execute both Porter and Baxter to protect their secrets. 
Despite the fact that Porter saved his life, Baxter betrayed Porter to Zahir Sharq (Alexander Siddig), a local warlord who is working with both the Taliban and the American forces. 
In this week’s exclusive preview scene, Sharq  presses Porter for military intelligence. And he’s got a unique way to make Porter talk. 
In the second preview scene, Porter and his sometimes nemesis, Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) find themselves in a dangerous last stand. Unfortunately, further reinforcements don’t seem to be on the way.
“Strike Back: Origins” concludes on Cinemax this Friday, November 29.