Top 10 Humans Hunting Humans Movies

Catching Fire

Hunting humans for sport is a grand and glorious tradition that stretches back decades in this fine, fine country of ours. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire may be the hottest humans-hunting-humans story currently rattling around in the public consciousness, but movies tackling the subject have been around since the dawn of cinema.

And it's easy to understand why: It's bloody exciting. We not only get a thrill relating to the “prey” characters, forced to use their wits and limited resources to evade capture (we like to pretend we could be that resilient in such an extreme situation), but there's a sadistic part of us that also gets a thrill relating to the “hunter” characters, using elaborate weapons and a complete disregard for all moral order to murder for fun (insert your own unhealthy murder fantasy here). At the very least, we all wish we had the wealth and ease of the hunters; the hunters in these movies are almost invariably supra-wealthy.

As tribute (see what I did there?), we here at CraveOnline have decided to compile the following list of the best humans-hunting-humans (and, in some cases, aliens-hunting-humans) movies ever made. I'll give you a one-hour head start, my little piglet, and then I'll release the critical dogs.  

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