The Hunger Games Theme Park?


The World of Harry Potter, we get. The dystopian world of The Hunger Games, where kids fight for food and survival? Not quite as good an idea for a theme park.

Yet, that is exactly what Lionsgate Films, which produce The Hunger Games movies, announced Friday it was looking into building, according to Crave's /Film website. Can we expect the Cornucopia Amphitheatre? Ride the Tracker Jackers? Survival Mountain?

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said they are excited by the opportunity to build a Hunger Games theme park, and are exploring offers in two "territories." (Whatever that means.)

Forget about acting out your Katniss cosplay fantasies, do we have to win a revolution in order to leave the park at the end of the day? Is any of this sounding good to anyone? Let us know on Crave's Facebook.