The Big List: Pot Rocks The Vote! Brooklyn’s Nazi Skinheads!

Time to urinate in a public restroom, experience the harsh reality known as splash back, become a scientist, diligently research splash back, get made fun of at parties for being the scientist who studies splash back, tell all your mocking colleagues they’ll “live to regret this,” eventually build some kind of monster man who pees really well and check out these links!


C.I.A. Pays AT&T More Than $10 Million For Call Data

I hope they’re enjoying all the text messages where I tell people I’m running late!


Twitter Stock Debuts, Just Got Downgraded To Sell!



Smoke Clears For Attitudes On Pot, Voters Respond

Voters get the munchies, too.


University Physicists Study Urine Splash-Back And Offer Best Tactics For Men

After years of research, they recommend hitting the little bee.


Life As A Nazi Skinhead In Brooklyn

Nazi skinheads from Brooklyn… I smell a reality show!


That’s all for this this accurately peeing edition of The Big List!