13 Things You Didn’t Know About Mexican Coke

No, really…it’s true.

Right?  Right?!?

We’ve all heard that rumor.  Of course, it doesn’t make even the slightest hint of sense.  But just like the “facts” that Mt. Everest is the world’s tallest mountain and Mama Cass Elliott choked to death on a ham sandwich, sometimes what everyone assumes is true is closer to pure fantasy than reality.

However, there is a definite cult of Coke connoisseurs that swear the Mexican-manufactured, glass-bottled drink is far superior to that Coke swill we get in plastic bottles and fountain taps here in the States.

So Thrillist checked it out and pulled together 13 facts about Mexican Coke…some support the theory that it’s better, so don’t, but either way, it’s a pretty interesting read.

I mean, did you know Mexican Coke makes you fatter?

No, really…it’s true.

Check out Thrillist’s full report on the whole situation here.


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