Check Out the Moscow Restaurant Where Everyone’s an Identical Twin


Thrillist_LogoEvery restaurant needs a gimmick.

And since being the place with the "great food" is so passe, more adventurous restaurateurs have to go a little deeper into their bag of tricks to help their eatery stand out from the crowd.

At the Twin Stars diner in Moscow, you'll likely get sterling service — mostly because you'll be waiting on by TWO waiters or waitresses.

Trouble is, you won't be able to tell them apart.

Twin Stars owner Alexei Khodorkovsky is hiring sets of identical twins to staff his place — and that's all he's hiring.

If you aren't a twin (with an equally unemployed brother or sister, presumably), don't even bother applying.

As reported by our pals over at Thrillist, Khodorkovsky has a very specific inspiration for his culinary vision…you'll have to head over to Thrillist to get the full rundown on that.