Day One Xbox One Pre-Orders Back in Stock at Best Buy

If you missed out on preordering the Day One version of the Xbox One, then today you get a second chance.

The reason being is that Best Buy has received another order of Day One systems and have it listed on their site for preorder. The cost for the system is $499.99, but if you don’t hop on it now then you will probably be paying much more on release day due to sell-out (Xbox One consoles are already going for over $700 on eBay). Take into consideration the amount of units that are left. With the new shipments coming in and stores allowing for more preorders, more consumers can get theirs at launch, but maybe not enough.

If you have been debating between the PS4 and Xbox One then maybe this news will help your decision. Either way, if you want the Xbox One on release day, then you should probably get to Best Buy before they are all gone.


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