George Clooney Wrote a Key Scene in Gravity


Apparently, part of the credit for the $55 million taken in by Gravity in its opening weekend can go to George Clooney … and not just for his acting.

Crave's CinemaBlend website reported Tuesday Clooney wrote a key scene in the third act of the orbital thriller. Director and writer Alfonso Cuaron said he kept running into problems with a scene in which Sandra Bullock's character imagines (?) Clooney's character giving her a pep talk as she is running out of air.

"We were struggling with rewrites, we’d stripped everything, a lot of the dialogue; we knew that anything that was going to be said, it was going to have a lot of weight, There was one scene we were doing over and over and over, and George overheard that we were dealing with that. And then one night I receive an e-mail from him, saying, ‘I heard you were struggling with this. I took a shot with the scene, Read it. Throw it out.’ And we ended up using it. This was exactly what we needed."