Exclusive Video: ‘Robot Chicken’ Season 6 DVD/Blu-ray

Robot Chicken Season 6 Clip

“Robot Chicken” Season 6 is out on DVD and Blu-ray this week, as all 20 episodes from the sixth season are included along with several behind-the-scenes featurettes

 Among the extras for this season’s set are “The Benefits of Robot Chicken,”  Deleted Animatics, Outtakes, “Kirkman on Kirkman” and “The Making of Robot Chicken Season 6.”

In this exclusive clip, “Robot Chicken” animators Harry Chaskin and Richard Zimmerman talk about their “stand-up comedy” take on the series as writer/director Zeb Wells also weighs in. 

Animators Dan MacKenzie, Dillon Markey, Savelen Forrest and Ashley Arechiga also make an appearance as we see what it takes to make Lego soldiers ready their guns before a Lego baby cries!