Week 6 Fantasy Football: Who’s Up, Who’s Down?

October is definitely my favorite month of the sports year (sorry March). With the MLB playoffs in full swing, college football season heating up and the NHL and NBA seasons starting, there’s something to enjoy every day of the week.

Obviously, NFL Sundays (and Thursdays and Mondays) add important pieces to that cornucopia of games, as well. Week 5 featured a slew of entertaining games, two teams falling from the ranks of the unbeaten (so long Seahawks and Patriots), a Peyton Manning interception and rushing touchdown (gasp, double gasp) and Matt Schaub imploding on a national stage (don’t worry, he’ll rebound next week).

Of course, there were also more developments in the world of fantasy football. It’s time for your weekly dose of magic from the fantasy wizard (who’s proud to report that his team is in first place for the first time in three years). I’ll try to stay classy during this week’s trends.


Photo Credit: Getty