Gravity Critiques from Physics Icon Neil deGrasse Tyson


Neil deGrasse Tyson has a few bones to pick with Gravity. Not the force of nature, but Alfonso Cuaron's buzz-worthy film. 

Tyson, a world renown physicist, saw Gravity over the weekend and took to his Twitter account to correct a few dramatic licenses taken by the film, according to Crave's /Film website.

Tyson asked why a medical doctor, Sandra Bullock's character, was working on the Hubble telescope. He wondered why George Clooney's character drifted away after letting go of Bullock, when a simple tug would have brought them back together.

Trust a physicist to not suspend reality in a movie. We would be remiss if we didn't also mention that he was “very, very impressed” by Gravity. Check out the Crave review of the film that took in $55 million in its opening weekend.