Shelf Space Weekly: Wolverine is FURIOUS Edition

Fast and Furious Wolverine

Sorry to leave your shelf space hanging last month, but TIFF and Fantastic Fest weren’t going to cover themselves. At those festivals, I discovered lots of movies for which I will eventually be making shelf space, but I missed a few big announcements for the current crop. I trust you to make your shelf space decisions yourselves. You’re all adults. Now I’m back with a report on more new Blu-ray announcements for which you should clear some shelf space.


Resolution Blu-rayResolution – October 8

This movie really impressed me at Screamfest last year and I’m excited it’s on Blu-ray in time for this Halloween. It also carries some high pedigree from Tribeca Film Festival and Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

It’s sort of the anti-found footage movie, in which different viewing formats show the heroes what terrifying fate is in store for them, and I just loved the way it explored the horrors of fate and observation. Watch it.


ByzantiumByzantium – October 29

I saw Byzantium at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, interviewed Saoirse Ronan there and Neil Jordan when the film opened this summer. Now it’ll come home with no extras announced, but reports it includes cast and crew interviews and the trailer.

Check out this unique take on female vampire siblings in modern day Europe. Looking at Gemma Arterton in HD for two hours ain’t bad.


BLU_RAY_AMARAY_GL13267Violet & Daisy – November 19

I saw Violet & Daisy at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and only got to interview writer/director Geoffrey Fletcher this year. Hopefully when it’s on Blu-ray, lots of people will see the unique hit girl thriller with one of James Gandolfini’s last performances.

Limited bonus features only include trailer, video teasers and promotional art, so you’ll have to consider my Fletcher interview the extras.


Jobs Blu-rayJobs – November 26

I was a big fan of Jobs but I thought a theatrical release might not have connected with the maximum number of people. That’s just the way things are today, modest biographies are the types of things people watch at home now, so I hope you will consider my interpretation of the Steve Jobs biopic on Blu-ray.

Bonus features include deleted scenes (more Jobs!) and some standard explorations of Jobs the character and Jobs’ real world impact.


The Wolverine Blu-rayThe Wolverine – December 3

I haven’t gotten an official announcement from Fox but The Digital Bits reports that an extended cut of The Wolverine, out a few weeks before Christmas, runs 40 minutes longer.

That’s 165 minutes vs. the 125 minute theatrical. Looks like they went Berzerk on the extended cut!


Fast and Furious 6 Blu-rayFast and Furious 6 – December 10

I declared there would be no faster, more furious movie all year than Fast and Furious 6 and so far I was right. Getaway tried, and Riddick had its moments but nothing else comes close to Furious 6. There’s even an extended cut of the film, so now it will be even faster and more furious.

These movies all look great on Blu-ray, going back to the 2001 original, with shiny cars and bright colors. The Blu-ray and DVD have tons of bonus features including what looks like two four-part behind the scenes docs, deleted scenes, and more featurettes involving Vin Diesel and Paul Walker themselves.

Elysium Blu-rayElysium – December 17

I actually missed Elysium in theaters this summer. Between Comic-Con and the TCA, I missed any press screenings and worked through its theatrical run. So I will be looking forward to seeing it in HD at home on Blu-ray. It should look great, since Sony invented Blu-ray and Neil Blomkamp’s last film, District 9, looked wonderful and gritty.

Bonus features include a single extended scene, a three part “making of,” four additional featurettes and an interactive art and design feature. All fairly standard materials about visual effects, technology and cast, but maybe when I finally see the movie I’ll be blown away and have to know how they did it. 

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