7 Parodies Of The iPhone 5C & 5S

Siri, what is everyone talking about right now? “Everyone is talking about Apple’s new phones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.” Siri, how does that news affect YouTube? “YouTube comedians will be creating commercial spoofs.” Siri, how long does it take to create a spoof ad? “Okay, here’s the weather for today.” No, Siri, I… never mind. Here are 7 parodies of the iPhone 5C and 5S:


iPhone 5S: The Keynote Trailer

Is there an intense music app?


Introducing The iPhone 5S

It has to be better than the iPhone 5. After all, commercials!


iPhone 5S Gold Commercial

Solid gold a**hole.


First Look: iPhone 5S (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

The Emperor’s New Phone


Introducing The iPhone 5C

I like that they made Siri even stupider.


iPhone 5C Review

Saves me having to drop it down a flight a stairs. Innovative!


The New Really Cheap iPhone 5F



Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!


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