inFAMOUS: Second Son Makes Your Choices Impact its New Character


After the reveal of inFAMOUS: Second Son at Gamescom, people may have been confused and a little intrigued by the appearance of a new character know as Abigail “Fetch” Walker. Not much was said about her, but it was hinted that she will become an important part of the game narrative.

Up until now, Sucker Punch has been very vague about what her role and story is in the game, but thanks to an interview with PlayStation Blogcast, the game director Nate Fox shared more information to try and clarify the ambiguity surrounding this character.

Part of the joy of the game is to get to know her, so I don’t really want to say too much, other than that she is a conduit, she has superhuman powers and she is inside of this world where everybody with powers is kinda hunted down as a threat to the state, and so both her and Delsin live in this world…and in order for Delsin to help the people he cares about he has to hunt down more of these superhumans so as he gets to know her, as he confronts her he kind of gets to… chose in a way how her story… how it changes. The player has a lot of choices and lives with the consequences inside of the game. Suffice to say, you get to kind of influence how Fetch reacts to you and the rest of the world. And on top of that the best part is, Delsin can drain powers out of other super humans so, when he finally gets to meet up with Fetch he gets her power over Neon.

The inFAMOUS series' ability to make player choice matter is one of its greatest strengths. Player influence on this new character is an exciting new way of making the game even more immersive. Being a superhero, or villain, is only as exciting as the impact the player can have. Hopefully the consequences of decisions are even more refined than in the previous two games.