The A-Z Guide To The NFL Season


Are you excited?! I’m excited! Its finally here. No more warmups. Its for realsies.

Yes… the annual A-Z breakdown of what stories to follow is here. Enjoy!

A is for All Day Adrian
Few players are so close to a unanimous choice for the yearly fantasy draft. There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to praise Adrian Peterson. Records be warned… he’s coming for you.

B is for Bengals
With the Ravens and Steelers weaker than usual, can the Bengals take advantage and win the AFC North? So much depends on the arm of Andy Dalton and how often he can find AJ Green.

C is for Cam
Cam Newton has gone away. All those youngin's may have stolen the spotlight last year, but Cam is just waiting to pounce like a Panther.

D is for Detroit Defense
Strong, tough, and mean.
Aaron Rogers will need to be very very careful.

E is for (NFC) East
Once again the NFC East is balanced in talent. The Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins all could win the division or end in the basement.

F is for Falcons
Tampa Bay got better.
New Orleans got better.
Carolina got better.
Did Atlanta?

G is for Gronkowski
There is a reason Bill Belichik didn’t want Gronk on the PUP list. He needs him for a brutal stretch in weeks 3 through 6 (TB, @Atl, @Cin, NO). While Zach Sudfeld will replace He Who Shouldn’t Be Named in jail, Gronk needs to come back and be Gronk if the Patriots want to keep on controlling the AFC East.

H is for Helmet Hits
A new rule barring running backs dropping their helmets and hitting anyone with the crown will be penalized.

I is for Island
Revis Island specifically. Much like the island from “Lost”, Revis Island has disappeared. There are reports that it has resurfaced in Tampa Bay.

J is for J-E-T-S!
Love or hate them, they entertain.

K is for Kansas City
A favorite sleeper pick this year but last I checked Alex Smith didn’t do well with new Offensive Coordinators.

L is for Luck
Things change when teams know you’re good, Andrew.

M is for Miami
I’m surprised as you that Ryan Tannehill was as good as he was last year. This year, he’ll have a better target in Mike Wallace and an improving defense who’ll get his back. They may surprise.

N is for New York
As in the location of the Super Bowl.
Personally, I am praying for snow.

O is for Oregon
Chip Kelly’s vaunted Oregon Duck high-speed, high-flying offense comes to Philadelphia. Win or lose the rest of the league will be watching.

P is for Peyton and Payton
Big Brother Peyton Manning is still one behind of Eli. Think he doesn’t think of it weekly?  
Sean Payton is back for the Saints and hoping to pick up without missing a beat.
Both are older and running out of time.

Q is for Quarterback Quandary
Would you bet hard earned cash to say who was going to be the quarterback at mid-season for the Bills, Jets or Raiders? Yeah… neither would their head coaches.

R is for Ravens and Raiders
Can Ravens repeat? Probably not.  
Can Raiders win more than 3? Probably not.

S is for Sophomore Slumps Slingers
Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Mr. Robert Griffin the Third, Esquire (let’s add Colin K too) will all be facing the dreaded sophomore slump. Can they avoid it, taking their game to a new level or will they fall apart?

T is for Tim Tebow
Just kidding. No one sane cares anymore.
T is for Touchdowns … lots and lots of touchdowns.

U is for Urlacher
Too soon. Retirement came too soon.

V is for Value
Free fantasy football advice. Tight ends, kickers and defense don’t have much separation of value to waste mid-level picks.

W is for (NFC) West
The best rival in football this year will play itself out west in the NFC. Both the (awesome and amazing) Seahawks and the (stinky no-good punk) 49ers are top favorites to win the Super Bowl. They are equal in almost every way and very well could play each other three times en route to New York City.

X is for X-Rays (of Knees)
Is RGIII’s knee fully recovered and ready to show the world what he can do? Or is he prematurely becoming a pocket passer as a safety measure? The Redskins’ season rest on those knees.

Y is for Youth
Ball, Lacy, Austin, Woods and Genooooooo Smith. Good luck, rooks. You’ll need it.  

Z is for Zebra Stripes
Zebra stripes as in referees. Referees as in referee lockout. Lockout as in botched calls, sloppy games and games ending in controversy are not a problem this year. Let’s all say amen.

Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch and at www.facebookcom/