Exclusive Interview: Jaime Murray on Fright Night 2: New Blood

Fright Night 2 Blood Bath

Oh yes, I've lounged with Jaime Murray. I mean, sat in a lounge with her once. It was at Comic-Con 2013, and we were talking about her upcoming role of "Gerri" in the straight-to-video sequel Fright Night 2: New Blood, a film I had not yet seen. These situations are always fun. Fortunately, Jaime Murray was completely understanding and willing to walk me – and by extension you, dear reader – through her Elizabeth Bathory-inspired villain in the upcoming horror comedy, coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 1. 

CraveOnline: I'm sure you get this a lot but obviously, I'm a big fan of yours from "Dexter."

Jaime Murray: Aw, thank you.

You ever get sick of that? Are you just like, "Oh, 'Dexter' again?"

No. It was just such a great show to be on and you know, it was one of my first jobs when I got to America, Los Angeles, and it was a great welcome into the industry here. You know, I became great friends with Michael [C.Hall]. Julie Benz, I was her bridesmaid last year.

No kidding!

She's on "Defiance" with me now, another show we're shooting now so you know, it was a life-changing job in so many ways but also just great TV, too.

I feel bad because I haven't seen Fright Night 2, yet. I guess no one really has. Is this a remake of Fright Night 2, or is it going in a different direction from the original Fright Night 2?

Well, did you see the one with Colin Farrell?

I did see the one with Colin Farrell.

They're all part of the same franchise but this is a continuation of the one with Colin, and I reprise the role of Jerry, which was played by Colin and obviously, I'm a woman which brings all sorts of other elements to the piece. We shot it on location, in Romania. We went out to Transylvania, which is an unbeatable backdrop for a vampire film, obviously. We had some amazing locations, some amazing castles and it was pretty creepy to shoot.

Now, are you playing the same character or his twin sister?

I'm playing… Obviously, these vampires are very, very old and we reprise the story. I may have been Elizabeth Bathory. I don't know if you know anything about her.

I am well aware of Elizabeth Bathory.

So, I'm probably one of the oldest and most powerful vampires and I come back to Transylvania and Romania, because I need the blood of a virgin.

Don't we all?


If there are Elizabeth Bathory allusions, does that lead to perhaps a rather obvious bathing sequence?

Oh yes. There's a wonderful, beautiful, epic bath scene. Well, there are many bath scenes, actually. 

Again, as well there should be.

I feel like I'm destined to be in a bath. I'm in a bath quite a lot in "Defiance," as well. At the end, there is a true bloodbath and that took about a week to shoot. We were in the blood for a week. 

Oh dear. Was it Karo Syrup?

Yes, it was!

That must've been really uncomfortable.

Really sticky. We were filming in November… No, December. Late December, in Romania, in the snow and so you can imagine. In fact, the first day, we didn't get the temperature right and Sacha Parkinson, who played Amy, and I… That was our first day getting into the water. I just wanted to finish the scene, I just wanted to finish the scene but they said they had to stop it because I was going into hypothermia. My mouth was chattering so much that they could see it on camera and I was like, "Can we just have one more take?", and they were like, "No. You've got to get out the bath."

"You're going to have to do this again."

Exactly. I was like, "Surely, blood would be warm."

You'd think that.

One would think.