Shelf Space Update: Argo Extended Edition Announced

Not content to just make Ben Affleck news with the Batman announcement, Warner Home Video has now announced an extended edition of Affleck’s Oscar winning film Argo. The new cut boasts nine extra minutes making the total run time clock in now at 129 minutes.

The announcement says the nine extra minutes “delves deeper into CIA specialist Tony Mendez’s personal relationships with his wife and son.” That gives Aidan Sussman more screen time as Ian Mendez and beef up Taylor Schilling’s role as Christine Mendez.

Argo told the story of Mendez’ operation to rescue American Embassy workers from Iran under the guise of a film production. It admittedly took artistic license to dramatize the suspense in situations where they almost got caught, particularly a finale at the airport. It didn’t leave much room for Mendez’s family, except to note that he was inspired by a TV airing of Battle for the Planet of the Apes which he watched by phone with his son.

The Extended Edition includes new bonus features. Ben Affleck’s Balancing Act and Argo Declassified suggest more behind the scenes featurettes. A mash-up called Argo F*ck! Yourself completely embraces Alan Arkin’s gruff film producer character. They’ve also thrown in tchotchkes like a replica of Mendez’s ID card for the CIA, a map of the Iranian city of Tehran, movie poster and 40-page book if you’re into collectibles. The original special features are still included.

Argo Extended Edition hits Blu-ray on December 3.  

Fred Topel is a staff writer at CraveOnline and the man behind Shelf Space Weekly. Follow him on Twitter at @FredTopel.


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