The Joanna Angel Interviews: The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody (NSFW)

Punk rock porno princess Joanna Angel returns in the second installment of The Joanna Angel Interviews! Today, she's taking you behind the creative process that brings forth this year's big budget Burning Angel porn adaptation, The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody. Co-director Tommy Pistol was fighting to do a "Walking Dead" parody for a long time, but what kept Joanna Angel from greenlighting the project? Could it have had something to do with his insistence on shooting with a real tank?

Plus: Joanna Angel responds to "Walking Dead" fans who found certain discrepancies between the film and the AMC television series, and reveals why – as much as she loves the show – she just can't do a porn parody of "Orange is the New Black."

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Joanna Angel Walking Dead 2

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