Ryan Encinas Runs For Browns Touchdown


We all remember Jack Hoffman, the seven-year-old cancer patient who ran for a touchdown at the University of Nebraska's spring game back in early April.

Four months later, it now looks like the Cleveland Browns took a page right out of the Cornhusker's playbook.

Ryan Encinas is a five-year-old who has been battling a left-lung tumor. Encinas came out for the Browns’ “Family Night” practice where he got the chance to suit up and take the field for his 40-yard touchdown run.

Encinas jogged out onto the field and joined the huddle where Browns running back Trent Richardson gave him some coaching and lead him to the end zone.

The run starts to the right and as a defender is about to make a tackle, young Encinas busts out an ankle breaking spin move, making the defender fall flat before turning on the jets and taking it to the house.

He even got to do an interview with NFL.com!

The trend of letting young pediatric cancer patients seems to be taking root in the NFL and it’s one that we can only hope continues.

Here’s the tweet from the Browns’ twitter account with a picture of Encinas after he scored:

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