Infographs: Biogenesis Suspensions Edition

Soon we will all be sick of the drug talk, the lies, and the off-field shenanigans and we’ll move onto the clean, upright sport of the National Football League.

In the meantime, let’s break down some numbers and get real analytical with this cluster of a mess that is Bud Selig’s legacy.

These are real stats, people. Even the punch-lines come with numbers.

Alex Rodriguez – Sure, everyone outside the five boroughs hates A-Rod, but let's break down it down further.
IG Arod

Nelson Cruz – With a gluttony of guys available (Jurickson Profar, anyone?), the Rangers will be fine without Cruz’s bat. Their biggest addition may be the subtraction of his glove.

IG Cruz

Everth Cabrera – Not only was Cabrera a major production contributor in our fantasy leagues, but he did his fair share of work for the San Diego Padres. How much? Like, all of their SBs.

IG Everth

Jhonny Peralta – Forget how the Detroit Tigers will survive without their middle infielder! I wanna know how my team in a 12-team uber-competitive league will survive! Sheesh.

IG Peralta

Ryan Braun – The dominoes all started with Mr. Brew Crew himself and there is a long line of apologizing waiting to happen. Who goes first? Who deserves the most? Let’s break it down.

IG Braun

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