Reebok: Live With Fire; Pt. 1 — Let’s Do This

As men, we’re competitive beasts by nature, with a deep-rooted desire to assert our dominance on or off the field. That’s why when Reebok came to us looking to connect our audience with their new ATV19 running shoe, we knew we had to build a video series that puts a spotlight on the type of heated competition that can breed between two men anywhere, anytime, and in any situation.

Reebok, with the ATV19’s unique 19-lug outsole for added traction and agility on any surface, didn’t scrimp on quality, and neither did we.

Crave brought on veteran Hollywood director Doug Aarniokoski known for his work on the film The Day and a number of episodes of "Criminal Minds" to film young triathletes Tony and Casey putting Reebok’s ATV19's comfort and durability to the test by running, climbing, and hiking their way to glory in a best of three competition.

The first video is a challenge and location chosen by Tony, a sarcastic, smack-talking Muay Thai kickboxer.

The second video features a location and challenge chosen by personal trainer Casey, whose goal is to push both Tony’s body — and his own — to the limits in the spirit of competition. The final video will feature a physical challenge picked randomly out of a hat, putting both competitors to the ultimate test to finally see who will “Live by Fire.”