Dwight Howard Plays Mentor For Day

Some good press coming out for Dwight Howard — and at perfect timing.

Los Angeles feels scorned after the All-Star recently chose the Houston Rockets instead of re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, in the video below, Howard — as part of a promotional campaign with ACUVUE — joins a one-day mentorship program, helping 14-year-old Anthony hone his skills on the court.

Anthony, who wants to be a pro basketball player in the future, is in shock and awe when Howard surprises him after being consulted for contacts. Howard then takes him into the weight room, introduces him to a pro-scout and gives him on-court advice before playing a game out on the streets with Anthony and his brother.

It’s a little amusing to see Howard wearing neutral colors. And, instead of going into Staples Center — home of the Lakers — he takes Anthony to Pauley Pavilion — home of the UCLA Bruins. All of this signifying that Howard was not planning on signing with the Lakers at the time of this shoot. Houston Rockets star Chandler Parsons even joins in on the street-ball play towards the end.

Regardless of the relativity of the story due to the Dwight drama, this is a cool campaign from ACUVUE and I look forward to seeing more of these videos — possibly Sidney Crosby showing a young lad how to put up fisticuffs? Only kidding…kind of.

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