10 Comic Book Beats ‘Man of Steel’ Got Wrong

Man of Steel, the latest attempt to bring the Superman story to the big screen, opened this weekend. It’s a tense time for DC Comics. If this movie doesn’t kick down the franchise wall, the comics giant may be stuck churning out animated movies only. All the ingredients are present and accounted for. Big budget, a big director with a comic book movie past, a hunky Superman, it’s all in the mix. So, how do the elements of Man of Steel ultimately come together?

Poorly, if you ask me.

Man of Steel is two hours and twenty three minutes of missed opportunities. There are some really good ideas in this film, but it’s ultimately dragged down by missed beats and the self-imposed weight of trying to make Superman “edgy.” What failed with Man of Steel? I try to break them down to the ten most damaging issues. Here are Ten Comic Book Beats Man of Steel Got Wrong.