The Top 11 Movies Where Celebrities Play Themselves

This is the End James Franco Seth Rogen Jay Baruchel

This is the End is one of the most ambitious comedies ever filmed, as least as far as its gimmick is concerned. The film stars some of Hollywood's most popular comedians – including Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson – against the backdrop of the Biblical apocalypse. The gag is that they're all playing themselves, and act either in accordance to or directly against the audience's perception of their celebrity. That's an easy gag to pull off in a cameo, but a tough joke to make work for an entire feature film without dipping into shallow self-indulgence or wanton disregard for the public's opinion of these popular celebrities.

But This is the End is far from the first movie to star a celebrity, or even a group of celebrities, as themselves, so CraveOnline is taking a look back at The Top 11 Movies Where Celebrities Play Themselves. From ironic cameos to absolute reverence, from totally random to note perfect, these are the films that wouldn't have worked unless a famous person had been willing to lend their celebrity to the whole shebang, and either own up to their public perception or destroy it in front of millions.

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