Extreme Speed: Ep. 6: ESM Rising


After an accident in the first minute of the Grand Prix of Baltimore throws their battleplan into disarray, the Extreme Speed team is already fighting from behind to scratch their way to the front of the pack in episode 6 of the Extreme Speed racing series.

But in the crazy world of auto racing, things change quickly — and after a few fortunate turns, it looks like ESM may be in far better position to grab a checkered flag than it seemed.

In case you aren't caught up on the complete Extreme Speed series, go head over to our series page where you can view past episodes, check out the driver bios, our Extreme Speed gallery as well as the 2013 ALMS event schedule so you can figure out where to see the team live this season!

And with the final results of the Grand Prix so up in the air, you've got to be back here Monday, Apr. 22 to see episode 7!



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