CraveOnline Poll: News Flash — Guys Wanna Do It!


So, since April is STD Awareness Month (good thing we've got a whole month dedicated to the clap, right?), we decided we'd devote this month's CraveOnline Poll questions to asking you, our humble readers, some questions about your…well…preparedness. 

And man, did you ever have answers.  Disturbing answers, yes, but answers nonetheless.

The conclusion we drew from your responses to a variety of questions about sexually transmitted diseases?  Turns out a lot of you guys are really wingin' it in the ole sex department — and the chances your John Mayer-sized antics could have you applying ointment to your herpes simplex 10 some day may be a lot higher than you might think, Don Juan.

We started out with a softball — how likely are you to ask someone if they've passed STD tests before sleeping with them? 

Nearly half of those responding — 45% — said they probably wouldn't ask.  Clearly, if the intended recipient of their love tool was down, it was all systems go for these guys.  Only 34% took the opposite approach, wanting to see some test results before cranking up the Barry White. 

21% of you were left floating in the middle, sometimes asking whether your potential monkey love partner was clean.  But hell, in the heat of the moment, sometimes another part of the anatomy starts doing the heavy lifting in the logic department…

And that was just ASKING about STD's…

When the question turns to how often you, you wicked little hedonistic CraveOnline reader you, actually got tested for a sexually-transmitted disease yourself?

Well…even scarier results, folks.

A whopping 66% of you — a two-thirds majority — said you've never once been tested for an STD.  Never.  Not once.  Nada.

Either you guys are keeping it tucked away nicely under wraps at all times or you're taking some serious Christopher Walken-Robert DeNiro level chances with your little friend.

Of that remaining 34%, just over a third (13%) said they get tested every few years, while 12% said they get tested every 6 to 12 months and just 10% fessed up to taking the test every 3 to 6 months.

So, if you all are taking so many risks with your amorous antics, you've at least got to be putting on a party hat before you go taking the skin boat to tuna town, right?

Wrong.  The results of our last question don't lie…so here they are, in black and white.


How often do you carry a condom when going out?

Always… No glove, no love50236.72%
Sometimes… It's just such a pain to remember 'em1339.73%
Never… If I need one bad enough, I'll find one73253.55%


There ya go. 

Bottom line — you're all gonna get syphilis and go out like Henry VIII.  Or, maybe not.

Either way, we here at Crave are your pals, so in the interests of tough love, here's some info from those egghead killjoys at the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention that might open your eyes a bit.

Be a little more careful, guys…we'd like to keep you around so we can ask you even more depraved questions during NEXT YEAR's STD Awareness Month.


Photo by: SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images