Kiss of the Damned: Exclusive Clip

Kiss of the Damned Josephine de la Baume

Kiss of the Damned premiered at this year's SXSW Film Festival, and here at CraveOnline, well, we loved it. Xan Cassavetes (The Z Channel) has directed a sexy, romantic and altogether horrifying saga of longing, lust and the dangers of temptation and chastity alike, and packaged it in a hard rocking, Eurosleaze package that both invites and keeps audiences off-kilter all at the same time. The film stars French model Josephine de La Baume as Djuna, a vampire who invites a young writer played by Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes") into her home, into her bed and finally into the world of the night as her vampire lover. But while Djuna is wondering whether she's cursed her lover or opened his eyes, their lives are torn asunder by Mimi, Djuna's sister, played by Roxane Mesquida. Mimi has none of the self-control Djuna has developed over the centuries, and her life of utter hedonism threatens to tear her sister's life asunder, and maybe even the lives of vampires everywhere.

In this CraveOnline Exclusive clip from Kiss of the Damned, Milo Ventimiglia has come to his lover's house to tell her he can handle whatever baggage she thinks is keeping them apart. Djuna refuses to open the door, but that can't keep them off of each other, and before the scene ends he has a much, much better idea of what he's in for if he pursues this woman any longer.

Kiss of the Damned is now available on VOD, and hits American theaters on May 3, 2013. We recommend you go see it. You're damned if you don't.