Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012


Writer: B.P.R.D., The Creep

Crogan's Loyalty


Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012 Editor Scott Dunbier's brainchild, the Wally Wood's Artist's Edition from IDW. Or really, any of the Artist's Edition publications.  This will probably be on a lot of folks' lists, and it should be.  Scott and IDW have done the industry a HUGE service by publishing these massive, impressive books.  They make it impossible to dismiss the works reproduced inside as merely disposable art.  They make comics important!  So much so that other companies are imitating the format.  Thanks, Scott!

Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012 Everything Richard Corben did in the last year qualifies as "Best of 2012" in my book, but if you need a title, then there's Creepy Presents Richard Corben from Dark Horse.  Dozens of stories from Corben's Warren days (from both Creepy and Eerie magazines) in over 300 oversized pages (none of this little comic book sized stuff!)!  This is an amazing volume that celebrates a titan of the industry in the style he deserves.  Now if only somebody would do a RIchard Corben "Artist's Edition."

Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012 Sean Murphy's Punk Rock Jesus from Vertigo.  Again, probably going to be on a lot of people's lists but what am I supposed to do? Just ignore the fact that this book is so well written, that it's beautifully drawn, and that it's one of the rare comics out there that is actually about something?  No, this comic is easily top 5 material, a beautifully told story by a passionate and talented storyteller.  And it's great to see a black and white book out there getting this much attention.  Black and white comics were once a staple of he medium, but that's just about gone in the main stream field.  Hopefully "PRJ" it will help expand the notions of how comics stories can be told.

Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012 Speaking of black and white books, there's also Chris Schweizer's Crogan's Loyalty from Oni Press.  Another great installment from the "Crogan's Adventures" books, this is set in the Revolutionary War and is probably my favorite in the series so far.  I love the way Schweizer depicts the forests of North America, and while his drawing style is broad, fun, and appealing, it doesn't hide the fact that the man does his research on period clothing and weaponry.  Another great thing about this is that it's an all-ages book that also manages to tell a story thats accessible to (and worth reading for) adults.

Creators Pick The Best Comics of 2012 I think only one issue of James Stokoe's Orc Stain (#7) came out from Image Comics in 2012, but so what?  It's still an amazing, imaginative, ambitious tour deforce from a cartoonist with a brilliantly deranged vision that could only find its fullest expression in comics — and if you ask me, that's what this list is all about.  Comics and what they can and should do.  I don't throw this word around a lot, but Stokoe is a fucking genius!



Writer: Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman #5

Robert Crais – Suspect. Mind-blowingly good thriller about a damaged cop and a damaged Marine dog, brought together in a K9 unit.  [Editor's Note: technically not a comic book, but hey, good readin' is good readin']

Megan Abbott – The End of Everything. A spectacular tale of a young girl gone missing and the holes she leaves behind, told from the perspective of her best friend. [Editor's Note:see above]

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – Batman #5. A jaw-dropping accomplishment. Form follows function. A beautiful marriage of storytelling and design as we lose ourselves in the labyrinth of Batman's mind.

Legends of the Dark Knight #1 – The Butler Did It, by the double Ls – Lindelof and Lemire. A great twisted little tale, at once compelling and humorous.