5 Funny Parodies of The Hobbit

It’s time to go on an epic quest. Grab your sword, fill up on second breakfast, and head out into the mysterious land of YouTube, where comedians are busy creating parodies of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey before the real film hits theaters. These are 5 funny parodies of The Hobbit:


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody

Shots! Shots! Also, rings?


Unlikely Quotes From The Hobbit

I’d pay twice the ticket price for the actual movie if they incorporated a Smash Mouth song into the soundtrack.


The Hobbit: Extended Trailer

You shall not pass… without taking out my garbage.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Name

Also, an unexpected smell.


The Epic Journey of The Rejected Hobbit Parody

My precious parody…


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