Charles Barkley Talks Jordan, Tiger Woods

Charles Barkley is easily a sports columnist’s best friend. Sometimes brash and often borderline understandable in his rambles, Barkley takes the phrase ‘keeping it real’ to a new level. Most athletes and commentators who used to be athletes monitor what comes out of their mouth during interviews, refraining from making any real juicy comment.

Most, but not Sir Charles.

Chuck is as open mouthed about every topic he has an opinion on. Whether its an opinion on a current player, a team situation or even how his friends live their lives, Barkley will lay it all out there with no thought to any consequence or repercussion.

Recently, Charles sat down with ESPN Chicago’s Waddle & Silvy to do an interview for their Lunch With a Legend segment. As expected, Barkley was very open and honest about his answers to some of the questions asked him.

When asked about how Michael Jordan responded to Barkley’s repeated criticism of him being a poor general manager, Barkley responded with an adamant “honest is honest.”

“I thought my name was SOB and MF,” Barkley said of Jordan’s reaction. He also said that he told Jordan that, “dude I can’t get on the radio and tell people you’re doing a good job.”

Barkley went on to discuss the potential of himself and Jordan working together.

“You can’t afford me” Charles said he told Jordan . Then went on to elaborate. “Michael is as cheap as they come, trust me.”

As expected, Barkley’s other famous former friend was brought up, Tiger Woods. Charles went on to say that while Michael and he are still friends, he no longer speaks with Woods, saying that “I have not talked to Tiger since the accident”.

Though distant for some time now, Barkley remains a firm supporter of Woods, even though he is unaware of why Tiger ended their friendship.

“You know, I played all those scenarios. But I’m not gonna get mad, like I said…I have no idea what happened. But I just wanna see him do well. But I don’t want these people taking shots at him.” Barkley said.

Overall, it was an interesting interview, as expected from the man who claimed not to be a role model. If for nothing else, Charles should be kept in the media spotlight until the end of his days just for the breath of honesty he brings.

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Photo Credit: Darrell Walker/Icon SMI