Scott Adkins Wants Undisputed IV to Be More Like Rambo


We got to interview Scott Adkins again at Fantastic Fest where his latest movie, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning premiered. We threw in some questions about Adkins’ other franchise, Undisputed. Undisputed III was a high point in straight to video sequels, so we’re excited to hear Adkins has plans for a fourth.

The sequels introduced Adkins’ character Yuri Boyka as another prison fighter who faced Iceman (Michael Jai White). Just like the character of John Rambo became bigger than the original First Blood, Adkins is ready to claim the Undisputed franchise for Boyka.

“For me, I would want to call it Boyka: Undisputed IV because now it’s out of the jail setting, Adkins said. “Boyka’s out of prison. It’s onto the next step of his life. I think people know the character Boyka so well now anyway that you could just go Boyka: Undisputed IV.”

One can imagine the sort of fights Boyka could get into outside of prison. There’s always underground fighting tournaments, but Adkins would only hint about what kind of fighter is tough enough to face Boyka.

“I’ve got some ideas of who I’d like to see in a film as the main villain, but I don’t want to say yet. I don’t want to say just in case things change. I need the green light and the go ahead.”

It might not be long before we hear about Adkins’ future plans for Boyka. Pre-production is well underway and Adkins has cleared some time in his schedule.

“We’ve got a script and I’d hope to do it next year, but ultimately it’s not up to me.”

CraveOnline be back for more with Adkins and director John Hyams on Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning as soon as we ice down our unisols.