Courtney Hansen Drives to Stardom on Spike TV

Courtney Hansen has parked herself in a very nice media niche by choosing the lane less traveled. With the looks of a supermodel and the cover girl credential to back it up, Hansen decided to forgo all of that mascara and eye shadow in favor of axel grease and engine grime.

Hansen hosts Spike TV's “Powerblock” – a pack of four half-hour gearhead shows, including “Extreme 4×4,” “Horsepower TV,” “Trucks” and “MuscleCar.” Before that, she car-pooled her love of automobiles into a hosting gig for TLC's “Overhaulin', Rides” and “Million Dollar Motors.” On the side, she writes a nationally-syndicated column, “Courtney Hansen: Full Throttle.” Finally, she also runs in the fashion world, serving as a cover model on occasion.

CraveOnline managed to hit the gas long enough this week to catch up to Hansen to discuss her love of cars and how she put her good looks to work on four wheels.

CRAVEONLINE: You cover and deal with countless cars on a regular basics. What cars are in your personal fleet right now?

Courtney Hansen: I have a 2004 Ford Thunderbird that was tricked out for me. I have an Aston Martin DB9. And I have a Range Rover.

CRAVEONLINE: You write about cars, and you host car shows. Which do you prefer?

Courtney Hansen: I’m really lucky to have found a place in the car world – to build a career around one of my passions. And I really like meeting people – interviewing them and getting to know them and talking cars with them. That’s the joy of hosting.

I love writing, too. It’s freeing. It’s therapeutic. But, if I had to pick one, it’d be hosting.

CRAVEONLINE: When you’re not driving, hosting car shows or writing columns, what are interests?

Courtney Hansen: I love being surrounded by cars. Obviously, I’m into fashion. I love to travel. I love music. And I’m always into entertaining there always seems to be five people staying in my house at any given time.

CRAVEONLINE: Are there any trends in the automotive industry that bug you?

Courtney Hansen: I’m not seeing the same passion for design as you used to see. Amongst the cars I own, I like to drive my 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Of all the cars I drive, that’s the one that gets the most attention from people on the street because of its looks and the artistry of its design and appearance. You don’t see that from cars these days as they tend to look similar to each other.

CRAVEONLINE: Are there any trends in cars you’re excited about these days?

Courtney Hansen: I’m excited to see all of the progress that’s being made with alternative fuel and hybrid designs. I think we’re starting to see that technology start to blend with performance to make some exciting cars. I”m hoping to add a Fisker Karma to my collection as soon as I can. That’s a plug-in hybrid, but it’s also one of the most beautiful cars out there right now.