5 Videos That Will Make You Laugh in 60 Seconds or Less

We here at CRAVE ONLINE do not waste your time. Why spend 10 minutes trying to make you laugh when we could spend, say, 10 seconds? Here are 5 videos that will accomplish just that:


Super Mapno Brothers

Like all good YouTube videos, I have absolutely no idea what is going on here. Were these children forced into doing this? Is this child abuse? Why the Super Mario soundtrack? Which country uses that backwards 'N' anyway? Is it Russia? Should I be more culturally aware? So many unanswered questions, but so much FUNNY.



Dimitri here (I'm not sure whether that's his real name, it could just be a racist stereotype) decides to express his displeasure for the nightclub he is in via the medium of dance. It's super effective.


Horse and Dog Running the Streets

Potentially the shortest and strangest buddy cop movie you'll ever see.


Garbage Day

Upon closer inspection, the 80s was an overrated decade, wasn't it?


Pancake Doomsday

If I had the Dark Lord in my house I'd get him to do more than just put sugar on pancakes… he could mow the lawn, too.


Header Image: YouTube.com/OneyNG